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Management of the northeastern Region (Mashhad had branch)
This management was establiahed in Mash had in 1990
Today experience experts are preparing geological and mineral exploration maps examining seismotectonic remote sensing and making research into sediment logy and laboratory activities
Seventeen maps on scale of 1:100000 were prepared and printed during13 years of this branch activities.
At this stage mineteen sheets being prepared by this center .totally more than 60% of khorasan province is under the scientific supervision of this management.
Exploration studies parallel to prospecting stage for metallic and non –metallic minerals through geochemical and geophysical and geophysical methods and also sampling by hammer prospecting method are carried out in this GSI branch. It is the result of more than twelve projects and preparation of 31 geochemical sheets on the scale of 1:100000
Launching and internal network(lan) to gether with a website ( ) establishment in the to persian and English languages indicates a particular tendency toward information technology (IT).
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